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Southern Girls – It’s a Coffee Thing

If you know anything about Rebecca and I, you know that we love coffee. We love it hot, we love it cold. We love it at home and we love it on the go. But, we love it at the coffee shop more than anything else!!

One thing that we have taken to, is finding little locally owned coffee shops and experience their vision of coffee culture. And yes coffee is a culture. We have found many local to us, here in the DFW area of Texas. However, we have embarked on many road trips over the last 2 years, and we have made it our quest to find those local shops as we travel.

This section of the blog, is going to be dedicated to coffee culture at it’s best. We are going to showcase those coffee shops that find all around the country and a few local to us too! We hope that you will join us.



What is your Favorite Social Media Platform?

Today, you would be hard pressed to not be on Social Media in one way or another. I do have a few die hard friends from high school, who have drawn the line and refuse to join the Social Media revolution.  However, for the most part, everyone is a little bit connected.

On a business level, it is crucial that you are connected to Social Media and connect with your customers, your members, your clients and your prospects.  What are your favorite Social Media outlets?

I have a few. it really depends on what I am posting and what I am trying to achieve. Some are specifically for fun and others are more in line with my business.

Each platform has their pros and cons, let’s take a look at a few and see how they can work for you and your business.

Facebook – Seems to be the Big Daddy of Social Media. Literally, everyone and their mother is on Facebook. So for a business stand point, the impact Facebook can have on your business is HUGE!

I have my personal page on Facebook, which has a mixture of friends and family, as well as, current members in my business. I don’t really use my personal page a s a selling page. I only share about my business on my personal page, if I feel like it is extremely important.

I also have a business page, which is a public format, here is where I post all my business content. And finally I have 2 group pages for my members. One for product users and one for business builders.

Facebook, by far, is the most versatile, of all the platforms.

Instagram- for me, this again, is a mixture of business and personal. I would say mostly personal, yet, I have no issue posting my business info there as well. So if you’d like to take a look at my Instagram, you will see lot’s of my life and some of my business.

Twitter – I love Twitter!  I don’t use Twitter to build my business, but, don’t get me wrong, it is PERFECT for building your business. I have decided to have one Twitter account and it is used for my benefit! I follow business leaders to glean information from them. I share lots of their content on my feed. I also follow many, many musicians and fellow music lovers. This is my platform that I am the most free. And the most transparent. I generally don’t publicize my Twitter account to the world. I don’t mind people finding me there. But, it’s my little corner of the world. LOL!

Snapchat –  For the people in my age group, they are really missing out on this tool. Snapchat is awesome!! The awesome thing about Snapchat is that they record quick videos or pictures, which you can save to your phone. One of my favorite features, is that it makes the playing field level. If you are working to break into the Social Media world, or the world of video, the best part of Snapchat is that everyone is simply working with their phone. No fancy equipment. Another great feature, is that you can see who your fans are!!! You can see who is watching your snaps. Are they watching everyday? Are you following them too?  Talk about having the ability to learn your customer base!!

Here is a little video I did, talking about my favorite Social Media platforms, while walking around our cute little town!







Welcome to Jen’s Essentials

Welcome to Jen’s Essentials!!  I am so glad that you have decided to stop by!  I plan on sharing things on this page, that are essential to my life and perhaps, yours!

To give you a little background, I have raised 5 BIG kids (18-25), whom I homeschooled.  I was married for 20 years, so I bring those life experiences to the table as well. I also have my own successful home-based business that I have been building for the last 7 years.

I am also an educator, speaker and aspiring writer.

In my free time, I LOVE music, coffee, wine, and my friends and family. You will find posts pertaining to all areas of my life on this blog. I look forward to having you join me along the journey!

Here is to creating a life that is ‘essentially’ YOURS!!



Featured post

Course Correction

Do you ever feel like you have gotten off track? Yeah, me too!

What I learned a long time ago,  is the fact that everyone falls off course. In case you haven’t realized yet, nobody is perfect!!  When you find yourself veering off course, remain calm, don’t panic and keeps those hands on the wheel!  Here is the most important thing to remember, it’s not that you fell off track, it’s how fast you course correct and get back on course.

It is much easier to course correct, when you have a plan. Do yourself a favor and set up a routine. I have found that when you have established routines, it does two things, it helps you stay on track, but, it also helps you find your way back again when you feel lost!

The other benefit of those routines, are when life seems to busy, or too hectic to do the work on your business that you know you need to do, you can simply rest on your routines, and put one step in front of the other and keep moving in that forward motion.

If for some reason, you fall of course, these routines will guide you safely back and allow for easy course corrections!

Set your sail, know your course and take those steps each day that will get you closer to your end goal.


What is your vehicle?

On this blog you will find many posts talking about creating the life of your dreams. In order to do that, you need to have some freedom. Time freedom and financial freedom.

While I am still, very much, in the building phase, I have, indeed, found my vehicle to help me reach those dreams.

My vehicle to creating the life that is Essentially Jen has been my Young Living Essential Oil business. Not only have I been able to build, along with my amazing team, a business of over 1100 members, and have been able to support myself with my earnings, giving me freedom that a full time job was not able to provide. It has also led to a healthier lifestyle, that has led to more energy and overall feeling better about life each day.

I am beyond thankful for the friendships and experiences that have come from building my Young Living Business. Which are definitely components to that ‘dream’ life.

If a healthy lifestyle and and financial security are what you are looking for, or looking to enhance, check out my website, or shoot me a message!


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