Since November of last year, I have been struggling. Those closest to me knew some, though, the only one who truly understood what I was going through and how sick I really was, was my daughter Rebecca.

From early November to late February, I have been struggling with serious digestive issues. Missing a ton of work, which uncharacteristic of me. Losing 16 pounds and feeling weak and depleted and overwhelmed, everyday.

I was often told, ‘You don’t look sick.’ All the while, I was suffering. That picture at the top of this post, was right in the middle of 6 of my sickest days. However, we were on a family trip. My daughter tried out for the Voice that weekend, wr had traveled to Houston and Gavelston. And, as a mom, I pushed through. Even though, I felt awful, and each night was sheer torture, spent entirely in the bathroom…. Being sick in a hotel, is not fun!

I was beginning to feel like I would never be well. However, at the end of February, I finally got an answer to what has been plaguing me.

I have Celiac Disease. Oh this explains so much!! I have had digestive issues my whole life. I have been told I dealt with a nervous stomach or irritable bowel. And all along, it was Celiac.

What a difference a day makes!! Actually, what a difference a meal makes. With every meal I eat, without gluten, I feel better and better.

It has been quite the learning curve. Looking for hidden gluten, takes a lot of time. Grocery shopping and eating out, is not what it used to be. But worth every minute!

I hope that you will join me, as I travel my new gluten free path!!