While the seasons are seemingly attempting to transition here in North Texas, however, that is not the type of seasons I am thinking about today.

The seasons I am thinking about tonight, is the seasons of life. There are so many seasons of life. No matter who you are, you will hit these different seasons. And honestly, if we simply sit back and become a passenger in our own life, we can find that time zips by as the seasons and transitions happen.

I have found myself in many seasons. Now that I am forty something, I can say that my adult life has not been anything I thought it would be. Both the highs and the lows have been evident throughout it all. While I didn’t expect many of the challenges that I have faced, boy, the lessons I learned through those challenges were huge.

Raising 5 children, several with learning disabilities, one with medical needs that needed to be met, homeschooling, living on a shoestring budget most of that time, a marriage that struggled, the loss of my father and so much more…

In the busy-ness of all of those individual seasons, could be very overwhelming, if they were allowed to simply take control of my daily life. Don’t get me wrong, some of those seasons of my life, deserved every ounce of my attention. And I will never regret the attention that I gave them.



But, let’s bring this around to the point I want to make here…In your life, have you set a course? Have you set your destination, your path?  And are you working daily to reach that goal? What have you done today, to move you in that direction?

Now this goal, can be a business goal, it could be an emotional goal, a fitness goal or a financial goal, or any other type of goal you can think of. The point is, what are YOU doing about it?

Even during the busiest of seasons of raising my kids, I always had my eye on how to better our life. How to improve all areas of our lives, physically, financially, spiritually, emotionally, healthwise… and that led me to what I now do for a living.

Little by little, I worked and networked and learned. Some days more than others.

What are your goals?  An what are you doing about them?