Rebecca and I set out for a weekend of learning with our Young Living family. We always look forward to seeing our Young Living Family, they are some of our favorite people in the world.  Added bonus, we also love setting out on our road trips.

Since Rebecca and I have made the move from Southern California to the DFW area of Texas, we have made several road trips all around the country. Becca, I believe has added 15 states to her list of visited states.

It is our new quest to visit all 50 states and to find quaint, family run coffee shops all along our journey.

While this trip was only 4 hours from our home, just outside of Houston, in The Woodlands, TX, we saw this as an opportunity to put another coffee shop on our list!

What we have found, is that there are some pretty incredible people, brewing some pretty amazing coffee, all you have do, is look for them!

Becca located Artesano Coffee in Spring, Tx.  Artesano is located inside Harvest Market, though, they have their own separate entrance. Once you step in the doors of the shop, you definitely feel at home.


We stepped up to the counter and ordered. We didn’t tell them what we were up to, we wanted to get the same experience everyone else would get.  The gentlemen behind the counter was very attentive.  I ordered a cold brew with cream and vanilla. Many times, when I order that particular drink, I am told to add my own cream after the fact. He did not hesitate whatsoever to meet my needs.. Rebecca ordered an iced vanilla latte. As he was making Rebecca’s latte, he asked her if she would like it from cold brew or from espresso. She chose espresso.

A very nice lady brought out our drinks, along a plate with a couple of cookies on them. She inquired about Rebecca’s arm injury (carpal tunnel) and we ended up having a rather in depth conversation about it. She was very caring and could relate, as she has dealt with the same issue!

What we did not know at the time, was that these two very friendly people were the owners of the coffee shop.

The coffee’s were delicious and distinctly different. With Becca’s being made with espresso, hers had a strong and distinct coffee flavor. While my vanilla cold brew watch much smoother. Both were fantastic.

As we gathered up our belongings, we decided to stop by the counter to talk to them a little bit. What we discovered, is that this sweet little shop has only been open for 1 month. While, it is located in a market, you are going to receive the royal treatment while you enjoy your favorite cup of jo’.

We learned that they have both Italian and Spainish coffee’s. The coffee you receive depends on the drink you order.  He also explained to us that they have several different milk and sweetener options. And if you want sweetener or cream in your coffee, they want to make it for you. Their goal is to craft the perfect cup of coffee for each and every guest. Which explains our interaction when we ordered our drinks!

This cute store also offers panini’s, homemade muffins and they work with a local donut shop and have donuts available in the store as well.

If you find yourself in The Woodlands/Spring, Texas, make your way over to Artesano Coffee and Panini’s. Your tastebuds will thank you!

To learn more about Artesano, visit their Facebook page.