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Welcome to Jen’s Essentials

Welcome to Jen’s Essentials!!  I am so glad that you have decided to stop by!  I plan on sharing things on this page, that are essential to my life and perhaps, yours!

To give you a little background, I have raised 5 BIG kids (18-25), whom I homeschooled.  I was married for 20 years, so I bring those life experiences to the table as well. I also have my own successful home-based business that I have been building for the last 7 years.

I am also an educator, speaker and aspiring writer.

In my free time, I LOVE music, coffee, wine, and my friends and family. You will find posts pertaining to all areas of my life on this blog. I look forward to having you join me along the journey!

Here is to creating a life that is ‘essentially’ YOURS!!



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Family – My Main Ingredient

Life is never certain, is it? Health is not guaranteed, relationships, no matter the kind, will last or fail. We simply do not know what the future holds.

My family has had some tremendous highs and some of the lowest of lows. We have faced hurdles that seemed insurmountable and some that, at the time, were.

This year, my youngest daughter and I traveled back to California for Christmas, as we have done every year since we have moved to Texas.

We had an amazing time with our entire family. I thoroughly enjoyed and soaked up every minute with my kids and my extended family.

This year, my best gift was the gift of making memories with those I love the most!!

I know we all say it, however, it is important enough to repeat…

Never take for granted the love and the time you have with your family and friends.

Happy New Year! Here is to living in the present and experiencing all that life has to offer.


While the seasons are seemingly attempting to transition here in North Texas, however, that is not the type of seasons I am thinking about today.

The seasons I am thinking about tonight, is the seasons of life. There are so many seasons of life. No matter who you are, you will hit these different seasons. And honestly, if we simply sit back and become a passenger in our own life, we can find that time zips by as the seasons and transitions happen.

I have found myself in many seasons. Now that I am forty something, I can say that my adult life has not been anything I thought it would be. Both the highs and the lows have been evident throughout it all. While I didn’t expect many of the challenges that I have faced, boy, the lessons I learned through those challenges were huge.

Raising 5 children, several with learning disabilities, one with medical needs that needed to be met, homeschooling, living on a shoestring budget most of that time, a marriage that struggled, the loss of my father and so much more…

In the busy-ness of all of those individual seasons, could be very overwhelming, if they were allowed to simply take control of my daily life. Don’t get me wrong, some of those seasons of my life, deserved every ounce of my attention. And I will never regret the attention that I gave them.



But, let’s bring this around to the point I want to make here…In your life, have you set a course? Have you set your destination, your path?  And are you working daily to reach that goal? What have you done today, to move you in that direction?

Now this goal, can be a business goal, it could be an emotional goal, a fitness goal or a financial goal, or any other type of goal you can think of. The point is, what are YOU doing about it?

Even during the busiest of seasons of raising my kids, I always had my eye on how to better our life. How to improve all areas of our lives, physically, financially, spiritually, emotionally, healthwise… and that led me to what I now do for a living.

Little by little, I worked and networked and learned. Some days more than others.

What are your goals?  An what are you doing about them?

Southern Girls – It’s a Coffee Thing – Artesano Coffee, Spring, TX

Rebecca and I set out for a weekend of learning with our Young Living family. We always look forward to seeing our Young Living Family, they are some of our favorite people in the world.  Added bonus, we also love setting out on our road trips.

Since Rebecca and I have made the move from Southern California to the DFW area of Texas, we have made several road trips all around the country. Becca, I believe has added 15 states to her list of visited states.

It is our new quest to visit all 50 states and to find quaint, family run coffee shops all along our journey.

While this trip was only 4 hours from our home, just outside of Houston, in The Woodlands, TX, we saw this as an opportunity to put another coffee shop on our list!

What we have found, is that there are some pretty incredible people, brewing some pretty amazing coffee, all you have do, is look for them!

Becca located Artesano Coffee in Spring, Tx.  Artesano is located inside Harvest Market, though, they have their own separate entrance. Once you step in the doors of the shop, you definitely feel at home.


We stepped up to the counter and ordered. We didn’t tell them what we were up to, we wanted to get the same experience everyone else would get.  The gentlemen behind the counter was very attentive.  I ordered a cold brew with cream and vanilla. Many times, when I order that particular drink, I am told to add my own cream after the fact. He did not hesitate whatsoever to meet my needs.. Rebecca ordered an iced vanilla latte. As he was making Rebecca’s latte, he asked her if she would like it from cold brew or from espresso. She chose espresso.

A very nice lady brought out our drinks, along a plate with a couple of cookies on them. She inquired about Rebecca’s arm injury (carpal tunnel) and we ended up having a rather in depth conversation about it. She was very caring and could relate, as she has dealt with the same issue!

What we did not know at the time, was that these two very friendly people were the owners of the coffee shop.

The coffee’s were delicious and distinctly different. With Becca’s being made with espresso, hers had a strong and distinct coffee flavor. While my vanilla cold brew watch much smoother. Both were fantastic.

As we gathered up our belongings, we decided to stop by the counter to talk to them a little bit. What we discovered, is that this sweet little shop has only been open for 1 month. While, it is located in a market, you are going to receive the royal treatment while you enjoy your favorite cup of jo’.

We learned that they have both Italian and Spainish coffee’s. The coffee you receive depends on the drink you order.  He also explained to us that they have several different milk and sweetener options. And if you want sweetener or cream in your coffee, they want to make it for you. Their goal is to craft the perfect cup of coffee for each and every guest. Which explains our interaction when we ordered our drinks!

This cute store also offers panini’s, homemade muffins and they work with a local donut shop and have donuts available in the store as well.

If you find yourself in The Woodlands/Spring, Texas, make your way over to Artesano Coffee and Panini’s. Your tastebuds will thank you!

To learn more about Artesano, visit their Facebook page.

An Entrepreneurs Biggest Mistake

In my line of work, I find myself on the phone with people, discussing business. Usually their business, their dreams.  Time and time again, what comes up in the conversation, is that individual looking at the success of another and thinking that they are a failure, because, they have yet to attain the same success.

One of the worst things we can do for our progress, is to compare ourselves with ourselves. Have you ever found yourself doing just that? Looking at the success of someone else and saying, I must be a failure, because I have not achieved that rank, or level in my business?

Many times, we are comparing ourselves to someone’s final act, while we are still on our Act One. We must be comfortable in our journey! Let your story, be your story and your journey be your journey.  Don’t expect to have everything TODAY.  Do the work, be consistent,  it will come.

And keep this in mind – Coca- Cola sold 25 bottles in their first YEAR of business. No matter what you are going through, you will be ok.


Southern Girls – It’s a Coffee Thing – George – Coffee + Provisions – Coppell, TX

So Becca and I tried out this neat coffee shop today. It had its soft opening yesterday, so the place was a buzz of activity today.

Its situated on the corner of Houston and Main St in Coppell, TX and its adorable.

As you can see from the photos, its in a home, and from what we learned today, the owners live upstairs, above the shop.

It is definitely thoughtfully planned. Everything is perfectly placed, there is ample seating and plugs, the temperature was perfect!! And the coffee was fantastic!

Rebecca ordered the Madagascar Vanilla Latte and I had the Vanilla & Honey Latte.

Now…to take it one step further, might I mention, that even the bathrooms are perfect!! I even took photos!! They installed privacy guards on the stall doors, so that awkward space that allows you to see in, is covered. I have never felt so private in a stall!!! Also, there is a nice shelf for your cellphone, so there are no mishaps by leaving it in your back pocket!!😉

Needless to say, Becca and I love it, we will be back, often!!

Visit them on Facebook to learn more about them!!

If you are local, check it out! If you come to visit, I will take you to see for yourself!!

Happy Coffee!

What’s in Your Diffuser?

Using your diffuser, is one of the easiest ways to impact your environment. Whether you are looking for a more relaxful or invigorating environment, your diffuser is your best friend!

Here is what I like to put in my diffuser, when I am working on a project!

Southern Girls – It’s a Coffee Thing

If you know anything about Rebecca and I, you know that we love coffee. We love it hot, we love it cold. We love it at home and we love it on the go. But, we love it at the coffee shop more than anything else!!

One thing that we have taken to, is finding little locally owned coffee shops and experience their vision of coffee culture. And yes coffee is a culture. We have found many local to us, here in the DFW area of Texas. However, we have embarked on many road trips over the last 2 years, and we have made it our quest to find those local shops as we travel.

This section of the blog, is going to be dedicated to coffee culture at it’s best. We are going to showcase those coffee shops that find all around the country and a few local to us too! We hope that you will join us.



What is your Favorite Social Media Platform?

Today, you would be hard pressed to not be on Social Media in one way or another. I do have a few die hard friends from high school, who have drawn the line and refuse to join the Social Media revolution.  However, for the most part, everyone is a little bit connected.

On a business level, it is crucial that you are connected to Social Media and connect with your customers, your members, your clients and your prospects.  What are your favorite Social Media outlets?

I have a few. it really depends on what I am posting and what I am trying to achieve. Some are specifically for fun and others are more in line with my business.

Each platform has their pros and cons, let’s take a look at a few and see how they can work for you and your business.

Facebook – Seems to be the Big Daddy of Social Media. Literally, everyone and their mother is on Facebook. So for a business stand point, the impact Facebook can have on your business is HUGE!

I have my personal page on Facebook, which has a mixture of friends and family, as well as, current members in my business. I don’t really use my personal page a s a selling page. I only share about my business on my personal page, if I feel like it is extremely important.

I also have a business page, which is a public format, here is where I post all my business content. And finally I have 2 group pages for my members. One for product users and one for business builders.

Facebook, by far, is the most versatile, of all the platforms.

Instagram- for me, this again, is a mixture of business and personal. I would say mostly personal, yet, I have no issue posting my business info there as well. So if you’d like to take a look at my Instagram, you will see lot’s of my life and some of my business.

Twitter – I love Twitter!  I don’t use Twitter to build my business, but, don’t get me wrong, it is PERFECT for building your business. I have decided to have one Twitter account and it is used for my benefit! I follow business leaders to glean information from them. I share lots of their content on my feed. I also follow many, many musicians and fellow music lovers. This is my platform that I am the most free. And the most transparent. I generally don’t publicize my Twitter account to the world. I don’t mind people finding me there. But, it’s my little corner of the world. LOL!

Snapchat –  For the people in my age group, they are really missing out on this tool. Snapchat is awesome!! The awesome thing about Snapchat is that they record quick videos or pictures, which you can save to your phone. One of my favorite features, is that it makes the playing field level. If you are working to break into the Social Media world, or the world of video, the best part of Snapchat is that everyone is simply working with their phone. No fancy equipment. Another great feature, is that you can see who your fans are!!! You can see who is watching your snaps. Are they watching everyday? Are you following them too?  Talk about having the ability to learn your customer base!!

Here is a little video I did, talking about my favorite Social Media platforms, while walking around our cute little town!







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